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How to use fear to get what you want

There’s nothing that is going to hurt from listening. It doesn’t mean you change your opinion and doesn’t mean you give up any power. It actually means you get more power because your people, the people around you that need to work with you, will feel like you know them and you understand them.

Own your story and build better relationships

Last year you had hardships to write and the year before that and the year before that. You know difficulty just comes innately along with life and I wanted to share in my opinion, relationships and results go hand in hand all the time.

EPIC Leadership. Live Your Life With Purpose

It’s beast mode Monday! Do you need to get into that mode today? Let me send you some of that energy because I am full of it today for a lot of reasons. I mentioned that at the beginning of this year before the virus, I had written all this incredible content for all my clients.