Leaders: Take Responsibility for the Energy you Bring into a Room

True Team talk I want to talk about this point number one.  Write this down. Do you need a PEN? Anybody need a PEN? I’m going to need you to write this down because I’m dead serious about this one. I want you to write this one down ready. Don’t get mad.

I need you to take responsibility for the energy you bring into a room.

You feel that? Take ownership of the energy that you bring into a room. I’m not going to bore you tonight because it’s been a long day with a bunch of scientific things.

I will tell you that I’m not sure and actually I have a question for all of you scientists and/or biologists that maybe on here right now. Is there a machine yet developed that can specifically measure and quantify and/or qualify the energy between two human beings that are physically in the same space?

Human Connection…

If anything, this virus has proven why I believe in face-to-face training, facilitation and team building. If you are inundated with virtual meetings right now, I’m wondering if you feel the mind numbness or if it’s just me?

I have always been a fan of being right in person. Maybe because I grew up in hospitality, I’m just used to that. But energy, I physiologically need to feel energy from other human beings, that connection, especially at work.

Do you know people that just being around them and being in the same room with them, your energy goes from here to here and there’s no real explanation to it?

They don’t even have to say anything but just their sheer presence takes you to another level. Conversely, how about being in a room with someone, you could be in a room with 50 people and there’s just one that’s in there and something about them is just bringing the whole thing down?

You know how that feels.

This is especially to all my friends working in hospitality and in customer service positions right now. I want to speak to all of you that have been calling me saying, you know, our world can never be the same.

How are we going to create experiences for our guests, for our customers, for our patients when we can’t touch them? We’ve got protective gear on and they’ve got protective gear on you know.

How can I make somebody feel excited to be on vacation if I’m working in hospitality? Or they’re you know, just coming to buy something from me in a store and it looks like everybody’s standoffish and apart.

It’s all in your head

Well, I would like to give you my Kimrey impression of that.

It’s all in your mind as stories you’re telling yourself, you know.

A smile and seeing somebody smile at you is probably the top one or the top two, maybe the most important thing in customer service. Saying,

“Hey, I’m a friendly I’m not here to hurt you, I actually want to help you have a better experience while you’re here in my presence.”

Eye contact I would say probably inches out a smile because you can say a lot with your eyes.

Anyways, I’m excited to be getting back to work and I’ll be doing a course in a couple of weeks on this very thing about how can I bring positive energy and help create an experience for my employees, for my team members, for my customers, for my patients in this environment today.

So, everything that we’ve ever done in the past suddenly becomes irrelevant. What now?

You’re in control of your energy

Well, I say there’s a whole lot to now. Your energy comes from your whole-body head to toe and when you walk in a room with people, you can lift up that air, you can bring it down, you can add tension to it, or you can diffuse tension.

You have so much power to impact and effect a room, whether there’s one other person in the room or 1,000 people in the room. And I know you know what I’m saying is true because I bet you have seen some people, maybe they’re even your mentors, coaches, or people you love to go and see speak. They’re on stage, they’re a million miles away, they don’t even know you exist. But you feel like they’re talking directly to you.

That’s magic.

That’s what I want to do.

I want to bring that kind of positive energy into a room and if I have to wear a mask, am I just going to lay down and think, “oh, I can’t do that anymore.”

No! No, that’s stinkin thinkin.

So, for today, this is my first day of this August challenge, I gave myself. I’m going to go live every day. We can only control ourselves and I want you to own the fact that you bring energy into a room positive or negative.

I’m going to go eat dinner. I love you guys. I appreciate you so much man.

Give me some True Team talk. I’m going to give it to you every single day this month.

Talk to you tomorrow.